Our Journey With Infertility (Part 1)


We would like to share with you our infertility journey in a more thorough way, hoping our story can bring you hope if you are going through something similar, or maybe you know someone who is experiencing it, or simply just want to be more aware of the many couples having difficulties getting pregnant. 

Love Story

Every story is different, and ours is definitely a special one. Isaac and I met at a very young age. We were each other's first loves. We dated for three years, and we got married in 2011. We didn’t want to start a family right away because we had other goals to accomplish before becoming parents. *I could write another blog with more details about our love story. 


Medical History

It wasn’t until the end of 2015, when God put the desire in our hearts to start a family, so I stopped taking birth control pills (which, I started taking as soon as we got married.) I've dealt with PCOS (ovarian cysts) since I was 16 years old, so I've always been monitored by my OBGYN. Therefore, I went to see my doctor early 2016 to let her know I had gone off birth control pills. She ordered a series of lab tests to check my overall health. She found out that my hormone levels were not right where they needed to be, so I had to first deal with that. After a couple of months, everything looked "good" to go. The only problem was that I didn’t ovulate on my own because of the cysts, so we tried an ovulation treatment (taken by mouth) for three months. She said that was my first option, and she was hoping I would get pregnant within those months of taking the treatment. Nothing happened, so she recommended me to go to a fertility center for further examination. My trust has never been fully in doctors since I believe in a God who is faithful to his promises, and a God of miracles, but I do think he uses excellent doctors along the way to help us in the process.    


It wasn’t easy to assimilate that we needed to go to a fertility center, but we finally made the appointment with a great fertility doctor that she recommended us. He looked at my medical background and ordered new lab tests along with some other very uncomfortable tests that I had never done before. After a series of tests, he found out I had blockage in my fallopian tubes and that was the main reason why I couldn’t get pregnant. He recommended surgery right away, but I had to wait a couple of months to take some time off work to recover from surgery. We prayed during those months for God's will, and we felt in peace knowing I was in good hands. The day of the surgery finally came in June 2017. My doctor was able to remove the blockage, but he told us that my tubes were damaged, and it was possible that I could have an ectopic pregnancy when trying to become pregnant, and not only that, he also found endometriosis stage 1. This news were clearly not great, but again all of our hope was that God would be faithful to his promises. 

Fertility Treatment

I recovered from surgery, and after two months, my doctor said we were ready to start fertility treatments. He said we had two options, IUI (intrauterine insemination) and IVF (invitro fertilization,) IUI is less expensive than IVF, and he said we could try three rounds of IUI before going into IVF. We prayed like never before, and I started with the shots in my belly and getting monitored mostly every day. The first month I produced two eggs, but none of them got fertilized. It was a very emotional month because not only Isaac and I had our hopes so high to become pregnant, but both of our parents, and really close friends knew about it. So many emotions came to my mind when I realized I wasn’t pregnant and I had to tell everyone the treatment didn’t work. After a few dark days, we understood it wasn’t our time yet. I had to wait a month in between the next treatment to let my ovaries rest, and we continued praying. Once the doctor saw that my body was ready, he encouraged us to try again. This time we kept it to ourselves and went ahead with the second round of IUI in October 2017. Everything was so different, Isaac and I were so relaxed, we became very involved in our church, we were believing together for a miracle, and just after a few days of the second IUI I started feeling changes in my body. It was too soon to confirm that I was pregnant, since I had to wait two weeks to take a blood test. However, I couldn’t wait longer to know if I was pregnant, so I bought a pregnancy test at the drugstore. It instantly showed a positive! I had taken so many tests in the past always showing a negative that I couldn’t contain myself and I surprised Isaac when he came home after work that day. We were both crying, and we were so happy that our time to become parents was finally here. We thanked the Lord and we waited a couple more days for the blood test to confirm we were pregnant. The blood test came back showing high levels of units, meaning I was pregnant with more than one baby. We were over the moon, and we were so happy to know we could be pregnant with twins. 


To be continued ...